• Consultancy

    Consultancy is about using an outside perspective to evaluate your business with a view to solving issues, improving performance, implementing business solutions and creating value.

    Fitbyte will do this in a practical, honest and transparent way. Our consultants aim to fully understand your operations, competition, objectives and challenges and to explore your potential.

    With some fresh thinking and sound advice, they can create enthusiasm and momentum in your business which will ultimately allow you to achieve your goals.

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  • Consultancy at Fitbyte

The Consultancy Process

  • consultancy-it-systems

    IT systems

    Technology should improve communications, efficiency and customer service. An independent analysis of IT strategy will identify issues that are reducing productivity and hindering progress. It will also establish opportunities for technological improvements that will add value to the business.

  • consultancy-it-systems

    Service delivery

    Challenging the effectiveness of the organisational structure and operational processes will determine whether or not the company’s service delivery objectives are being achieved. Consideration should also be given to the company’s operational capability in the future; is it flexible enough to handle change with regard to market development, diversification or regulatory requirements?

  • consultancy-client-base

    Client Base

    Analysis of the existing client base will identify client needs and values, potential threats from competitors and key areas of profitability.

  • consultancy-objectives

    Business Objectives

    An in-depth assessment of the core values and aims of the business is an essential element of the consultancy process. Considering objectives in terms of market share, sales and profitability allows businesses to create a strategy and to put plans in place to achieve their goals.

  • consultancy-opportunities

    New Opportunities

    Researching and analysing new opportunities and alternative routes to market is an integral part of planning the objectives of the business. On a more practical level, it is necessary to consider how the effects of diversification and growth can be integrated into existing systems and processes. Are there any additional resourcing requirements or regulatory considerations, and is there an appropriate technology model that is ‘futureproof’?

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