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    A company that has more than 25 users should have an ongoing strategy for their IT systems. In a large organisation this would be covered by an IT Director, but in SMEs it is often not possible to have a dedicated resource. Fitbyte can fill that gap, effectively providing a part-time IT Director who can manage and develop an ongoing strategy for IT.

    IT systems should be reviewed periodically to ensure they are still ‘fit for purpose’ in view of a changing market, regulatory requirements, expansion and diversification. Partner agreements also need to be analysed over time to ensure that they are delivering the agreed level of service and achieving the required targets. Compliance should also be checked to make sure that any amended regulations are still being adhered to.

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    Around 30% of our business comes from companies that are either negotiating or implementing a new product or service and are running into problems. This can be for a number of reasons:

    • A product was selected which appeared to meet the company’s objectives, but as time goes by, it becomes clear that expectations are not being met.
    • A company is caught in a contract with restrictive terms.
    • Ongoing fees are spiralling out of control.

    Fitbyte will conduct an independent and impartial review of the selected product or service and assess whether it meets the objectives of the business. We will compare its pricing and terms with alternative providers and take into account regulatory changes over the term of the contract. Very often, we are able to re-negotiate on your behalf and find an alternative solution that achieves your objectives.

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