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  • The Company:

    A restaurant group with a Private Members’ Club


    The business had an accounting package that was no longer fit for purpose, its restaurants were using different EPOS systems and the membership system at the club was inadequate in terms of future requirements.


    Fitbyte’s brief was to find a new accounting system that would take the group forward and interface with the new EPOS systems. The aim was to speed up daily accounting records in order to provide accurate and current sales information. The business was also keen to establish whether upgrading their systems could save them money in the long term.


    Fitbyte’s first priority was to look at the current accounting system to establish where it was failing and what was required moving forward. This involved speaking to everyone in the organisation to assess their input to the system and their output requirements. It was also necessary to research specific and shared issues relating to the restaurants and to the members’ club.


    Fitbyte created a project brief for each of the elements: accounting, EPOS and membership. These were presented to the directors and then to the appropriate departments and it was agreed that Fiybyte should progress those projects.

  • Case study

  • “ When working on any project for a company I try to keep two things in mind; firstly, the project must deliver a defined benefit to the company and where possible should take the company forward in the best way. Secondly, the project should hopefully provide some financial benefit to the company; this may be tangible in terms of increased revenue or less tangible, but just as important, in terms of making staff more productive. I was able to add an extra dimension to this project by looking beyond the initial brief and using my business experience to look at how a small change could have a large impact. I tagged on to the project a document management system; this allows the company to scan invoices which are posted into sage automatically. This additional project did incur a cost, but it allowed the client to remove a full-time resource from the finance team. This actually means that the entire project will now be paid back over 4 years and all the other benefits to the company will actually have cost nothing.” ”

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