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  • A full redevelopment of the IT infrastructure was undertaken which involved:

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    • All essential servers were migrated from physical boxes to a new Virtual ESXI cluster with SAN storage. This cluster is now fully replicated off site, carried over a dedicated point to point connection, to a data centre elsewhere in the city.
    • The migration of all mail services from a single Exchange 2003 front end mail server to an Exchange 2010 clustered service, including 3 member database availability groups (DAG) on multiple servers across the WAN.
    • To maintain Exchange server compatibility all Blackberry services were upgraded from BES v4 to BES v5 on a commissioned virtual server in the ESXI environment.
    • All server operating systems were upgraded to Server 2008 R2 for increased performance, improved security and compatibility.
    • All unmanaged switches and routers were decommissioned and replaced with a fully managed service.
    • To allow for better access to network resources by remote users, the (10 user) CITRIX Essentials server was withdrawn and replaced by a XENAPP 6 advance server which provides better performance for the heavy load it carries from the remote team.
  • Due to rapid growth over the past six years, one of Fitbyte’s clients within the Financial Services industry had grown from a team of six, to an eighty strong workforce operating globally, with assets under management of over $28 Billion. The fast expansion of the business meant that they had outgrown their SME ICT systems, network infrastructure and also their office space. The potential for continued growth at this rate meant that the company had to move into a larger premises in the city, and future proof an Enterprise level ICT infrastructure to allow for the continued development of the business.

    Having a close working relationship with the client, Fitbyte was instructed in an advisory capacity from the initial planning stages. This involved accompanying the client to potential office space and attending project meetings with site managers and interior design companies. Fitbyte provided the design of the new network layout and put all of the required telecommunication, internet, audio visual and video conferencing services out to tender, dealing directly with the supplier quotes and system comparisons so that our client had all of the information available to make an informed decision.

  • Testimonial

  • Fitbyte have worked with ETF Securities since the firm began operating in the UK in 2005. In that time ETF Securities has grown from a start up to being the 4th largest player in Europe in the ETP space in 2011.

    Fitbyte have grown with us over time, from simply providing technical support in the early days to building and managing a full integrated IT infrastructure for an asset management business, with over $28Bn in assets. We have enjoyed a strong partnership with Fitbyte, who we would not hesitate to recommend.

    Author's imageMark WeeksManaging Director